How to Exercise Safe during summer

Summer is here again! This sun season offers everybody the opportunity to get out and have fun outdoors under the sun. For a lot of families and circle of friends, this calls for sports and beach activities. But with so much heat coming from the sun, we must be aware of the hazards that come with performing physical exercises during this season.

So what should each do? The very basic tip is to drink lots of water. During any form of exercise, as you sweat all the more, you must remain well-hydrated. It is best if you could just stick with water and it is better if you can drink before you start your exercise (around fifteen to twenty minutes) and also fifteen minutes as you go through the whole process of the exercise. Maintain as much as you can an up going healthy appetite. During this season, as you still perform active exercises, you can have an intake of meals, five to six times daily, which should definitely include fresh fruits and veggies. If you have clothing that is made of cotton, get some more and wear more of them during exercise. It should taper enough sweat away from your body. If you’ll do your exercise in the morning, outdoors like walking, make sure to wear sunscreen to protect your skin from harmful ultra violet rays. Stay close to doing exercises that your body is comfortable to do. And above all, even if you are in great mood to exercise, you must be constantly updated with the weather forecast to avoid performing high impact exercise in an extremely dangerous heat index record.

Remember that even if you sweat too much, inordinate perspiration is not the secret to lose weight. This would just mean reduced body water content and not necessarily a reduction in your number of fat. If you can, avoid trying to exercise during the part of the day that is the hottest, that is usually the hours between ten am and three in the afternoon.

Don’t believe that the saying no pain no gain is always adaptable. To ignore your body’s warning signals could be more dangerous than just trying to keep up with your weight loss goals or any diet plan of yours. Swimming is another form of exercise and fun activity that everyone is most fond of during summer. But many forget to drink a lot when swimming. You need to fill again and again the amount of water you lose when you swim, despite the fact that when you do so, you are already smothered by water.

Stay away from being exposed to intense temperature changes. If you came from a hot, sweaty exercise session, avoid going in a very cold air-conditioned room. Let your body cool down first before exposing it to another level of temperature.

Keeping in mind the above exercise tips during this hot summer season would help you in keeping your cool, staying cool and safe while experiencing the fun of summer!